• is a file and image storage and sharing service;
  • is one of the fastest CDN services on the Internet;
  • is mobile-friendly;
  • takes privacy very seriously;
  • takes our terms very seriously;
  • respects your privacy;
  • respects GDPR compliancy;
  • assigns you with a bin number unique to your account;
  • has unmetered bandwidth;
  • serves all images over SSL;
  • will attempt to cache your files indefinitely
    until you delete them;
  • allows you to freely download all files at any time;
  • allows you to freely delete all files at any time;
  • allows you to use your own domain via cname;
  • encourages you to share your files with whoever you wish
    on whatever platform you desire;
  • supports uploading of file types:
  • supports browser viewing of mp4, webm, mov, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, and xlsx;
  • supports you ... as you support BinCDN
  • v2
  • reduced pricing
  • rebuilt entirely
  • several tracking features removed
  • uploads and loads faster
  • allows for 10 GB of uploads for free
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