You may not upload:

  • Files that are copyrighted, including but not limited to
    anything that may violate the DMCA
    which might consist of:
    • commercial DVD rips
    • TV shows
    • illegally obtained files
    • distribution of music, photos, videos, or files belonging to another
  • Files that depict real life violence or degradation;
  • Files depicting child pornography, beastiality, or necrophilia;
  • Files that may be deemed illegal in the United States
You may:
  • Use our service for storage or as a CDN
  • Use your links on social media or your website
You may not:
  • Reverse engineer or abuse our service in any way
We reserve the right:
  • to delete any "illegal" files
  • delete all of your files after 90 days of no active subscription
  • ban you from our service if you violate these terms
DMCA violations:
  • We take DMCA violations very seriously
  • Our service is NOT intended to be used for:
    • malware distribution
    • illegal warez
    • bootlegged videos or movies
    • mp3 or new music
  • Use the contact form or send us an email at abuse @ notetoservices.com
    with the subject line Re: DMCA Violation - BinCDN with the link and
    any appropriate paperwork regarding the issue
    • If you own a file, video, or image, and have proof,
      please send us the origination URL or an
      explanation of your ownership
    • We will make all efforts to contact the responsible party for
      up to 5 business days before we take complete action