BinCDN by NoteToServices stores:

  • email
  • ip address
We do not:
  • provide any info to any third-party
  • provide any monitoring, malware scanning, or anti-virus scan of your files
  • display any info about you to the public
  • collect any info about anyone who views your files
  • keep any files or logs of your data beyond necessary
  • keep you logged in via cookie for more than 24 hours
  • modify, view, or delete your data without your permission
We do:
  • abide by GDPR compliancy
  • respect your right to privacy while using our service
  • reserve the right to send offers or info about our other products
You are:
  • able to upload files at any time
  • able to delete any and all of your files at any time
  • able to download any and all of your files at any time
  • able to request deletion of all traces of your existence on BinCDN
  • able to request an appeal should your account
    be denied access or banned from using our services